Chambertones Trio

foto by Govert Driesen

Chamber jazz of the most charming sort that is all about ‘the love of sound’ according to prominent Dutch daily, De Volkskrant. Joris Roelof’s (clarinets) Chambertones, Jesse van Ruller (guitar) and Clemens van der Feen (bass) are one of the warmest ensembles in Dutch jazz.

The Chambertone’s debut album in 2010 has all the warmth of a cozy fireplace and heralded a new departure for these three strong jazz musicians somewhere between country, gypsy music and chamber music. Their second album too, Ninth Planet (2012) is heartwarming. And not just because of the oak wood sound packed in friendly compositions, the infectious interaction among the musicians move the listener and have gained in resonance. This trio is not out to show off virtuosity although all the musicians have plenty of technical proficiency at their disposal. Think more about a subdued group sound, modest and congenial. (tekst from

“What you hear is the love of sound. Not only in the three sonorous colors of their instruments but especially in the ensemble itself.” (De Volkskrant in a four star review of Ninth Planet, 2012)