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Meanwhile (almost a year later)…

foto C. van der FeenI have been playing in projects such as Celano Baggiani Group, Mark Schilders Pack Project, Narcissus, het Nederlands Blazersensemble, Reinier Baas en the New Rotterdam Jazzorchestra, french pianist Paul Lay, Nieuwe Philharmonie Utrecht, Marc van Roon and german pianist Keno Harriehausen.  I’m on a new album by drummer Roy Dackus, with trumpet player Alex Sipagin and my brother Paul van der Feen on the alto saxophone. Other recordings I participated in include a new album that is coming by singer Maria Mendez and an ‘all Joe Henderson’ trio album by guitarist Jesse van Ruller, which we ‘ll probably be promoting in Japan this summer. I also joined a group called Batik, which features Wolfert Brederode, Joost Lijbaart and Ed Verhoef. This group will be playing in Holland for sure and maybe in a big country called China. OK, you may forget al these names now.